The Songs of Heaven & Earth // Blog #1

The process of writing and recording the Songs of Heaven & Earth project began long before I even realized it. Several years ago, I was living in central Florida in a season of life where the Lord was speaking to me through prophetic words.

He was speaking to my heart about the calling He had placed upon me. Little did I know the journey that He was inviting me to step into. Over the course of one year, I had received almost 10 different words about what He was asking me to do with my life. It was an exciting time yet also a scary time of much unknown. I had to learn in that season to trust His hand to lead me each step of the way.

I moved to Tennessee about 5 years ago to pursue my calling to write and record songs, lead worship, and pour into my home church. In many ways it was like starting over and stepping into the unknown.  But what I can say from where I stand today is that the Lord ordained each step and He has been so incredibly faithful to me.

To me, Songs of Heaven & Earth, is a fulfillment of many things the Lord spoke to me in my beginning years as a worshipper. The theme of this project was to draw inspiration from nature and creation, writing songs that would express the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth. The vision of this project is to let the Holy Spirit use each lyric and melody to draw people nearer to God.

Over the last year or so I have taken up the hobby of hiking through the trails and state parks of Tennessee. I’ve always felt connected to God through nature and the outdoors. It’s amazing to step out into the fresh air, get “off the grid,” and just commune with the Holy One. Whether I’m standing on the edge of a rocky cliff or dipping my feet into the streams of a waterfall, I find myself being so refreshed in those moments with the Lord.  God is always speaking and I often find Him in His creation.

Stone Door Trail // Altamont, TN

Stone Door Trail // Altamont, TN

"Whether I’m standing on the edge of a rocky cliff or dipping my feet into the streams of a waterfall, I find myself being so refreshed in those moments with the Lord."

When it came time to choose the songs for this project, I had some of the most incredible co-writers and friends join me on the journey. I know that these songs would never have been birthed without their help and partnership. One of my favorites from Volume 1 is the song “Canyons.” It reminds us that God’s love is higher, wider, and deeper than we couldImagine... His love alone can fill the “canyons in my soul.” When we invite the Lord into our hearts to fill us and refresh us, He will take everything that we surrender and make it full of His presence.


I truly feel that this project is a testimony of God’s faithfulness to my heart. These last few years I’ve stood on many mountaintops and I have walked through some deep valleys. One thing I have been learning is that any time God gives a great calling, there will be battles along the way. Yet, He will fight for us.  He will lead us by the hand.

I’m incredibly excited to see what God will do with this project and my prayer is that each song will minister to you and draw you into deeper relationship with Jesus and His amazing love.